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Nail Comprehensive Course 

(when one day is not enough)

Two (2) 6 hour days (12 hour) - Certified Nail Comprehensive Course

July 22-23, 2023

$795.00 includes kit

Been out of the Nail Game for awhile, or didn't spend that much time on nails in school.  This is the class for you.  This class will lay the foundation for you to get into the Nail Game and create beautiful nails for your clients.

Class meets 9am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday

Day 1 – Sanitation, Nail Prep, Dip Powder and Gel Polish

Student will be instructed on current sanitation procedures related to nail care and how to properly prep the nail for nail enhancements to prevent lifting.  Students will learn how to apply Dip Powder, Gel Polish and how to file and create designer shapes like Coffin and Stiletto.

Day 2 – Acrylics Application

Students will be instructed on how to season a brush, how to correctly pick up an acrylic bead and proper acrylic mix ratio. Student will also be taught placement of acrylic over natural nails and tips.  Student will be introduced to sculptured acrylic nails using nail forms and applying, colored acrylic and glitter acrylics. Plus, mixing glitter and pigment to acrylic powder.

Certificate of Completion given at end of class.

This is a two-day extensive hands-on Training.

You will be doing the work!

Nail Comprehensive Kit

Your Kit will include the following items:

Cuccio Pro Dip Kit, Acrylic Nail Liquid, Acrylic Nail Powder, Colored Acrylic Powder, Files, Buffers, Tips, Glue, Nail Forms, USB Mini LED Light (not the one pictured), Gel Polish, Manicure Brush, Acrylic Nail Brushes, Practice Hand, Practice Tips, Lint Free Wipes, Mixing Jars, Nail Clippers, Apron,  Acrylic Practice Sheet, Dappen Dishes, Mix Ratio Sheet, Nail Shapes, Orangewood Sticks, Table towels, Glitter, Colored Pigment, Primer Pen, Embellishments for encapsulation and a Case to hold all of your products. (Not as pictured)

Kit Value - $300.00

Nail Comprehensive Course

Select three different ways to pay.

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